What if you could take a well-designed, free online class on a topic that could dramatically change your understanding of how kids learn?  What if you could take that class with interesting folks from around the globe?  What if that class would help you better understand the way kids and adults process information?  What if this course enhanced your understanding of your own learning strengths and weaknesses?  What if you became a better teacher or coach?  What if you got credit for taking the class?

OK, you had me at topic that could dramatically change your understanding of how kids learn.  It’s not too late to sign up for the Learning Differences course offered through the Friday Institute.  Having gone through that course twice, and still convinced that I could learn more if I took it again, I think this course is a game-changer for teachers and parents.  Plus, there are THREE other courses currently being offered.  Theses courses are at the cutting edge of current research, extremely well organized, and FREE.  Many of the participants are National Board Certified teachers.  I have had the opportunity to interact with teachers, administrators,media specialists, and many others from around the world, each with a lot to share and eager to improve their skills. keyboard

Check them out online or follow at Twitter #all_learn.  SO easy!

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