* Miles to go

Lizzi, the originator of Ten Things of Thankful, is wending her way across the states, visiting bloggers and having a terrific time.  I only just realized that “Murica” is AMERICA, so that sheds a whole new light on her Facebook posts.  I did think she was covering a lot of ground in Spain.  Another of those little glitches of mine!  Here’s what she says on FB:

This trip is proving to be one of unexpected and profound beauty, for so many reasons. My every anxiety has melted away as I’ve been welcomed into a new house and embraced by a long-known heart, every day.THIS is what it feels like for my soul to continue the process of shedding past darknesses and begin stepping into intense, bright, love-filled light. And there is SO much light here, in glorious abundance, and I am REVELLING in it. I want YOU to look at your life and see where YOUR abundance and light is, and do a bit of revelling. What is it that you’re grateful for today?


(Yes, the UK can be gloomy, weather-wise.  I remember the sun shone on a Wednesday one year.  Of course, much of that cloud cover was pollution.  “Nylons” would disintegrate on the clotheslines.)

Speaking of bright light, though, my dearest widower and I just returned from a delightful hike in the woods.  Research suggests that even looking at a picture of trees has health benefits.  So after our walk, now that I have wiped off the gloppy sunblock, been checked for ticks, changed my sopping wet shirt, and had a glass of iced tea. I am feeling quite relaxed.  I must admit that as soon as we returned to “civilization” (aka, sidewalks), I ended up leaving my widower in the dust.  We have always walked at vastly different paces.  We do a reverse of the Asian husband-and-wife walking order.  I prance and flit, while my walking widower savors each step.  That is pretty much the way we approach life.  I wolf down my food, read a hundred miles an hour, and love to to touch everything.  He is the deep thinker, the analyst, the great listener.  In other words, I adore him.  And he checks me for ticks.  True love.

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