* Rubric for being funny

This rubric has been inspired by the book I recently reviewed, “Social Rules for Kids” by Susan Diamond.  One of her rules is BE FUNNY BUT NOT TOO SILLY.  Some of our special needs kids laugh hysterically when a classmate passes gas, or they may tell the same joke over and over, despite the groans of their audience.  They may annoy their teachers with outbursts of “uncontrollable” laughter.  Even so, monitoring “funniness” is highly dependent upon factors such as age and social context, to name just two.  A number of popular comedies would earn very few stars if judged by the rubric below.  However, the beauty of a rubric is that you can change the range of behaviors quite easily to suit your situation.  This rubric is probably best for a school environment but may not pass muster on the playground.  Laughing with friends beyond the range of adult ears would be a category unto itself.  As with all rubrics, if you want it to be successful, you must provide opportunities for students to practice the required skills, especially putting the brakes on laughing.  It’s also worth remembering that toilet jokes are popular with both first graders and many adults.  Rubric for being funny

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