* Launches that fail or fizzle

Janet raises some critical issues about launching into adulthood for special needs individuals. She includes links to some helpful resources for parents. Check it out!

Climbing the Cinder Cone

While the phrase “failure to launch” might be recent in origin, the phenomenon of young people who are stalled on the path to accepting adulthood is nothing new. In this clip from decades past, watch how one mother handled her son’s (literal) failure to launch:

We can laugh, but when launches fail (or the craft takes an unexpectedly long time to reach the target) there’s pain, fear, frustration, and confusion for parents as well as young adults. Climbing the Cinder Cone is really all about find ways to avoid, shorten, or soften the “FTL” period for our atypical young people. It’s time to take a look at the situation that gives us so much grief.

First, what is the ultimate destination for the “rocket” being launched? Some say it’s to lead a balanced life with passion and joy. Another source says adulthood is achieved when a person looks to himself/herself for solutions; is financially self-sufficient; and gives the family…

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