Back to school countdown: school tools

backpack-152705_640It’s time to purchase school tools, which range from book bags to calculators.  Depending upon your child’s interests and tolerance for shopping, this can be an opportunity for gently reminding kids that school is approaching.  Your school probably has a supply list available.  If not, it’s still important to shop early for a couple of items which have social and personal significance: backpacks and lunch boxes.  Kids usually have a sense of preferred colors and styles, so shop before the selection is limited.  If your child can only tolerate a short expedition, make it a backpack and lunch box outing and complete the rest on your own.  Did I mention those awesome metallic Sharpie pens?  Again, based upon their abilities and interests, you might give your child an opportunity to label these two items.  I would suggest practice on a piece of paper first and limit marking to a single edge.  Having these items labeled will make them easier to distinguish for both students and teachers.  You’d be amazed at how many kids end up with identical lunch boxes.  You should label both with their name, even if your child does not.  Consider adding something distinctive to the outside, just as you would a piece of luggage at the airport.   Believe me, a cafeteria is worse than any baggage claim area!

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