* Ten Things of Thankful

See's CandiesAs always, I am indebted to Lizzi for her authentic, clever, funny, and authentic lists of thankfulness.  Her post this week is one of my favorites already.  She writes with so much wisdom- and did I mention authenticity?  I should explain what I mean by authentic.  Lizzi does not polish herself for public appearances, she does not pretend to know it all, she accepts herself (eventually!), and she encourages others to be courageous by example.  Lizzi is not a mannequin or a blog post.  She’s a real woman walking, through her real life.  I like that a lot.

I do not have any gems of wisdom to share.  But I am grateful for a precious couple who stayed with us this week.  Talk about authentic, kind, and funny!  They are role models for “it’s not all about me.”  I am working on that lesson.

We had a beautiful thunderstorm today.  It was a Camelot kind of event.  We got dark skies, rain, and delightfully noisy thunder, but nothing yucky like downed trees or power outages.

I am so pleased with Black Beauty, this Asus computer, which has been swift, sure-footed, and tireless as I spent many hours in the saddle this week.

My hearing aids died, which will cost a pretty penny.  A teaching assistant and I both suffered hearing loss the year and a half we took turns checking a hearing-impaired student’s hearing aids.  But the audiologist has loaned me one hearing aid so I can hear half the time.  I can’t locate the direction of sounds but I can enjoy the hum of summer.  Lovely.

Our friends (above) brought us a box of See’s Famous Old TIme Candies, my most favorite chocolates in the world.  Ah, California!

I miss the kids I worked with this past year.  For some reason, I have always taught the BEST kids in the world.  I never imagined that I’d move in such exclusive company, these kids and their families.  What a joy, year after year.  Did you know it’s been 45 years now?  Isn’t that incredible?  I think that brings the thankful list to well over a thousand.

And thank YOU for reading!

3 thoughts on “* Ten Things of Thankful

  1. Ohhh you’re such a sweetie. I always tell people to bear in mind that I’m very highly edited, when I’m seen on the blog. And it’s interesting how variable it is for me to cope with being real. Something I definitely mind less some days than others.

    Glad you can hear for half of the time. Hope it all gets fixed soon, and you source another hearing aid.

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      • Oh good. I see in my patients sometimes how frustrating it is to not be able to hear properly – very debilitating, so I hope it happens quickly for you.

        And thanks 🙂 I hope enough real is out there that people aren’t disappointed or surprised when they meet me. 😉

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