* Reflections on Week 1: MOOC-ED #all_learn

keyboard-70506_640I have signed on as a facilitator for a MOOC-Ed course offered by The Friday Institute and North Carolina State University.  I took this course myself in the spring and was very impressed with its quality, so I was honored when invited to help support class participants this summer.

Here are some quick facts about the MOOC (which stands for Massive Open Online Course).  First of all, it’s free!  The topic is Learning Differences, so most of the participants are teachers.  Many are National Board certified, which is how I first heard about the course myself.  The team of experts who put this course together know what they are about.  If anything, this course is even better than it was in the spring.

My impressions after a week:

1.  Teachers are a passionate group.  The love they have for their students and profession is remarkable.

2.  Participants take this course seriously.  They are already planning ways to implement changes and improvements to their instruction.

3.  North Carolina teachers are struggling with a serious mismatch between quality teaching and testing requirements.  Some have expressed concerns about morale.

4.  I am spoiled.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve taught in resource-rich environments.  It’s not that way for all teachers.  Participants come from all over the globe and have many obstacles which I’ve never faced.

5.  This is a fun adventure!  I am still learning how to be a facilitator.  I have invited folks to the course, often spelling it “curse” until I edit my post.  I hope I did not overlook any invites to the curse.

If you want to follow this MOOC adventure on Twitter, look for #all_learn.

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