* Share Your World

It’s Monday and time to respond to Cee’s Share Your World blogging challenge.  If you haven’t seen her photography blog, you’ve been missing out.  She has a terrific eye for beauty!

Here are my responses to her questions:

  1. If I had to spend a weekend alone in a store but couldn’t remove anything, I would head to Stone’s Education Super Store in Raleigh, NC.  I can’t imagine that this family-owned store would be empty, but I would find plenty to do!  It could rival heaven to spend a weekend ALONE, slowly savoring all the fantastic teaching supplies.  Oh my!  My heart leaps at the thought.  What if I just filled one large bag?
  2. My favorite comfort food snack is chocolate.  Milk chocolate, either Dove or Cadbury.  Forget those dark, healthy things.  If I wanted to taste that flavor, I’d chew the cacao beans raw.
  3. The largest city I’ve visited would be London, but I was a teenager, so that was eons ago.  I’ve lived in San Francisco as an adult, so I have many more memories of special times, like when my sister and her kids nearly drowned at Baker Beach.  Not something I’d ever forget!
  4. It has recently come to my attention that it’s a bit challenging to record Google Hangouts.  I have tried a number of options but nixed them all in favor of privacy.  On the other hand, I took a picture of a kiddo I’m tutoring.  This was simply one of those moments that cries out to be captured for posterity.  By the way, one advantage of Google Hangouts over Skype for long-distance teaching is that you can enjoy a brain break quite easily and for FREE!  Take a look.  He was excited after beating me in a bingo game, for the millionth time.
  5. Student  I am grateful that my dearest widower has given up the table in the sun room.  I have crept out there in his absence, after cleaning all the eraser crumbs away.  I am looking forward to swimming this week, God willing.

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