* Oh, So You’re Socially Awkward Too? By Deanna Willmon

Here’s a funny and bittersweet post by a mom whose daughter may be diagnosed with Asperger’s. It’s well-written and thoughtful. Do we all need to have marvelous social skills to survive? I don’t think so, or I’d be in trouble.

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My daughter will be tested for Asperger’s Syndrome soon and I’m unsure of my emotions. Except guilt. I feel guilty for not recognizing it sooner, for being so hard on her growing up, and I wonder if it has anything to do with my genes. Or if we’re both just a couple of introverted outskirters.
She was always odd and somewhat impolite and just… some kids make animal noises in response to questions and talk to themselves – a lot. Right?

We knew something wasn’t clicking early on. In second grade, the school system put her through a series of tests for just about everything and came up empty. No ADD, dyslexia, or road rage or whatever else they tested for. Autism wasn’t on anyone’s radar then. The idea that she might have Asperger’s didn’t come up until a several months ago. She’s eighteen now.

As most people are (now)…

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