* Share Your World Challenge

If you haven’t visited Cee’s blog yet, you are missing some amazing photography and fun challenges.  Here is her Monday Share Your World Challenge.  Love it!

No, I do not drink coffee.  Yuck!

My first money-making activities all occurred in the same time period.  I really wanted money!  I ran a summer circus for neighboring kids, sold hand-made soaps that melted before I could get to neighbors’ houses (all lotion), and went door-to-door selling The Cheerful Greeting Card Company cards, as advertised on the back of Mad magazine, I think.

5 computer games I like are all types of solitaire games: Klondike, Spider (all suits), TriPeaks, Free Cell, and not so much, Pyramid.

Grateful from last week that I finished my Skype packet for a student on vacation.  More on that in another post.

Grateful this week that it didn’t rain out the 4th of July fireworks event.  Our church handed out 15,000 glow sticks, which is pretty amazing.  I’m also grateful I didn’t go because the stadium where it’s held feels like a giant crock pot on HIGH.glow-stick-578604_640

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