* Day #296 – Family Gatherings

Another terrific post from Tucker’s mom. She includes super tips on how to make a festive gathering work best for kids on the spectrum. It’s not just ASD kids who struggle with large events. Kids with sensory disorders, attention issues, and even dyslexia can find themselves challenged by well-meaning folks. Avoid pressuring these kids to “perform” in some way. Let them shine just as they are! Give them room to be themselves. Hey, that’s good advice for all of us, isn’t it?

366 Days of Autism

Summertime fun often includes family gatherings – I know we’re hosting a big one tomorrow.  I thought it may behoove us all to remember the struggles that can come with the fun.  I’ve provided these tips before, but this is a condensed version for those who have joined the blog more recently.

First, know there is simply too much input during the holidays.  Too much for all of us…but for a child on the spectrum it is the holy grail of chaos.  The food, the new faces, the smells, the textures, the noise—all in an often unfamiliar space.

There are two sets of strategies here.  One for families – the other for folks hosting events.

As always, remember that one thing may work for us, but not for you.  It may work for you, and not us – again with the ‘no one is the same’ business for those of…

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