* That sinking feeling

wordpress-588494_640It’s hopeless.  With a sinking heart, I acknowledge the inevitable.  My dearest widower will never, ever, never, ever write a blog.  I do think he’d create a terrific one, with his analytical mind and mischievous sense of humor.  He’s always current on any news and has an amazing memory for details.  He just described the 7th shark attack off our coastal waters and it sounded like something from Jurassic World.   Our family has begged him to share his thoughts in the blogging world.  So why won’t he?

Despite that remarkable memory, he has some sort of magnetic field that scrambles anything technological.  Perhaps it’s his compelling personality.  I know I am drawn to him!   We just concluded this delightful scenario:  I had wanted him to edit a draft of something I’d written.  I sent it to his private gmail account (which I had set up for him), not his work email.  But, he’d left his computer at work (how is that possible?).  I tried to open his gmail account on my computer.  Somehow, my widower had changed his password and had no idea what it was.  I asked Google to send him a password reset, so he handed me his phone.  First, I had to adjust the brightness so I could actually SEE the screen.  (He didn’t know that was an option.)  The verification code came by text and I decided to download the gmail app for him.  Of course, I had to use the Apple store.  Oh dear!  He had no idea what his Apple password was.  Or that he even had an Apple ID (which I had set up for him).  I had kept a copy of all that info, but again, he had somehow unknowingly changed his password.  Apple ID’s are almost as much fun as colonoscopies.  How did he change his password when I couldn’t even reset it?  Eventually, I was able to reconnect him with the wonderful world of Apple.  Then, Apple decides that he can’t access anything without verifying his credit card number.  Huh?  Yes, I had lied and said I’d read the NEW terms of service, which is probably where they told me that he is the unsuspecting proud owner of a portable Apple ATM machine.  Maybe it’s called iSiphon.  Whatever.  I don’t think blogging is in his future.

4 thoughts on “* That sinking feeling

  1. I have to admit when I saw the title and the wordpress emblem drowning in water, I had a sinking feeling you were going to stop blogging, which would be a true loss for students in our country. Instead, I was treated to one of the funniest blog posts in recent memory. Thank you for sharing this with us, and for reminding us all that no matter how great we may be at some things, we can’t do everything! Bravo!

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    • You are TOO kind! I actually struggled to find a photo on Pixabay that would work for my husband’s serious techie issues. It isn’t a perfect fit. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the post!


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