* Day #270 – Tom Bodett

This mom has such a precious heart! And her advice is important for all parents and teachers. It’s more than acknowledging differences. It’s allowing kids to be safe in the unique way that reflects their needs. Stay clear of the trap of conformity or public opinion. Like this mom, be guided by what is kind and keeps your child safe.

366 Days of Autism

Several years ago Super 8 began an advertising campaign starring the voice of Tom Bodett.  His famous phrase?  “We’ll leave a light on for you.”

Tucker can’t sleep without a light on and I’m not referring to a low-light nightlight.  I’m talking about a 90 watt bulb in a lamp.  His room is as bright as a 6 AM June morning…and he sleeps like a baby.

Now – I recognize that many children are afraid of the dark.  Tucker isn’t.  He’s fine in the dark.  Can he sit in a dark room?  Yes.  Can he walk around outside in the dark?  Yes.  Can he sleep in the dark?  No.

I often leave his room shaking my head, wondering how he can sleep with the beacon beside him.  Then I began researching ASD and ‘afraid of the dark.’  I know – it could just be a kid thing…but what if it’s…

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