* AlphaBooks Blogging: O is for The Organized Teacher series

Organized teacherThe Organized Teacher series of books, published by McGraw-Hill, are an excellent addition to a new teacher’s library and can help us “old dogs” learn new tricks as well.  The snippet above is from the authors’ Facebook page.  I have not read all their books, but highly recommend The Organized Teacher, 2nd edition, which comes with a CD-ROM of  more than 150 forms and checklists. Steve Springer and Brandy Alexander collaborated with Kimberly Persiani to compile the first edition of this book.  Based on reader reviews, they have similarly high quality material in their other publications.

Although The Organized Teacher is written for the regular classroom teacher, it can be useful for any educator who appreciates the wheels that have already been invented.  Those of us with organizational challenges will find a useful form for everything you can imagine.  I especially like their planners, weekly standards forms, and numerous assessment forms.  As someone who has written many rubrics, I was delighted to discover a rubric which used pictures instead of stars or numbers.  For example, one rubric depicts a pizza being transformed from a simple crust to “the works.”  Very clever idea.

The Organized Teacher is a modern (2012) classic.  Be sure to check out their other Organized books, as well!  Better yet, give one of them to a teacher you know and love!

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