* Day #278 – What Is Autism?

Another terrific post from 366 Days of Autism. Early intervention is so crucial. Read on for her thoughts about Tucker’s development.

366 Days of Autism

Tough question, huh?

I knew something was up with Tucker for these 10 reasons…

  1. He had difficulty making eye contact.
  2. His language development was delayed.  He talked – but not much and not for conversational purposes.
  3. He just did things different (Read Day #3 – Ready, Set, Diagnose)
  4. He had obsessions – not just that he really ‘liked’ something, he was obsessed.
  5. If there was a change in routine he would absolutely freak out.
  6. He was not flexible – in any way, with anything.
  7. He preferred to play by himself.
  8. He would rock back and forth with his eyes closed.
  9. He chewed on everything – books, his clothes, furniture, pillows – and well after the age of teething.
  10. Most of all?  He was opposite of what my parents told me about raising children.  They always said, “You know you are raising your children right if they behave around everyone…

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