* Ten Things of Thankful

Lizzi, the creator of Ten Things of Thankful, shared her amazing week of relationships, relationships, relationships, and more relationships!  It’s such a joy to read!  Yes, she is still trying to get folks to vote for their favorite badge for this event, so I decided to post my choice below.  It’s from The Bipolar Mama blog, which is another blog worth reading.

I am going to follow Lizzi’s free-flowing format instead of my typical list style. We’ll see how that goes!  One of my happiest moments of the week was hearing that a student scored in the 98th percentile in reading on his EOY testing.  He is a gifted kid who lagged in reading due to a lack of systematic phonics instruction.  I knew he was going to ace it and I’m so proud of all his hard work in the past year.  It was an academic challenge that could have made him feel inadequate, but he persevered.  His parents gave him SO much support!  Woohoo!

This past week was a paperwork nightmare, with more to come, but I got a lot done.  Thankfully, I have a great computer and scanner.  How did I live without this technology?

I found a new mystery series, another British goodie.  I’ll save the details for my AlphaBooks Blogging venture.  (Don’t remind me that I’m a week behind on the AlphaBooks calendar I created!)  Back to the mystery.  It’s set after World War I, which brings back memories of my grandfather’s amazing survival in Russia.  The British troops had made their way to the frozen tundra, but the supplies didn’t catch up.  Without the generosity of a generous Russian peasant, my grandfather would have died.  I’m grateful he lived to tell the tale!

Speaking of grateful, my dearest blogging widower also survived another week of intense training (he’s the trainer!).  Just a few more weeks to go.  If you had told me, back in the day, that my introverted widower would be leading groups of social workers, police officers, DA’s, lawyers, judges, and medical personnel, I would have fallen over.  Wow.  If you had told me I’d be living a life of peace and joy, I might have strangled you or jumped off a cliff.  So that makes six things of thankful.  Not that I’m keeping a list.

I am grateful for the parents who have trusted me to teach their kids.  For trusting my judgment.  I’ve always been so sure of myself, even when there was nothing to warrant it.  That’s actually called arrogance.  But I have learned a lot in my career and I’m grateful for God’s grace in every part of my life, including my teaching niche.

If you are reading this, I am grateful that you are taking the time!  You have no idea how much it means to me.  Maybe it means too much, but honestly, there seems little point in writing if no one is reading.  I’m thankful for the blogging world, which forgives my lapses in keeping up with all their great writing.  I have a lot to read today!  And that’s all, folks!

6 thoughts on “* Ten Things of Thankful

  1. WHOA! That’s such an awesome score. I bet the parents who entrust their kids to you are really pleased with what you do. Sounds like you’re a really conscientious teacher.

    Glad you found a new series to follow 🙂

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