* The Summer Slide

waterslide-398249_640And despite the illustration, I don’t mean summer fun!  I’m referring to the long gap in a traditional school calendar, where kids may lose a month or two of mathematical computation skills.  For struggling learners who already have a tenuous grasp on math facts, “summer slide” is a serious concern.  How do you provide ongoing math practice when these same students need a break from a fatiguing school year?  Many of these kids will spend their days in sports camps, community summer programs, and other endeavors while their parents are at work.

Check out multiplication.com’s monthly newsletter devoted to this topic.  You’ll be amazed at the wealth of ideas in a single page!  TV free activities, online games, summer-themed fun, and more.  I believe if your child spends just 20-30 minutes a day engaging in fun review of math facts, they will approach the upcoming school year with greater confidence.  It might just help me, too!

6 thoughts on “* The Summer Slide

  1. This is something I’m trying to work on with my piano students. Some kids do absolutely nothing during their 2 week summer break and come back sharper and playing better, despite erratic practise – and absorb new concepts very quick.
    Some come back having done homework, and yet much much slower to absorb new concepts, as compared to before the break.
    Strangely, both of the above groups are musically talented – it’s just their way of thinking that seems to differ.
    Maybe i need to be more innovative with holiday assignments…?

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    • Actually, I think you are doing great! It’s just that there is no “normal,” so what works for one kid may not help another. For some of my kids, I recommend NO work and for others, a 5-day-a-week summer program. How is your new residence working out?


      • Thanks … the funny thing about teaching is that every day there’s some new challenge – I think I’ve finally learned it all, only to realise there’s much much more to learn! 🙂
        Love it here in khargar..we’ve been living here for 4 years, but the market for piano classes was very poor earlier. I’m seeing a lot more interest now, and all going well, will be taking on more students closer to home during this next year…Touching wood! 🙂

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