* AlphaBooks BLogging: K is for Kid Docs

Kid docsNo kidding!  I found a book that starts with the letter K!  Kid Docs, written by Jenny Lynne, is an e-book about an unusual hospital where young kids become actual doctors.  This experimental site recruits talented kids from an early age (would you believe 3 years old?). The author, aka Dr. Jen, wrote this book in partial fulfillment of her personal bucket list.  On her website, My Dream Came True, she shares bucket lists from around the world, along with her favorite adventures.  Writing was a childhood dream for her and Kid Docs is her third book.

Despite its complex medical language, Kid Docs is probably best suited for late elementary and middle school students.  It features kids about 12 years old, all of them full-fledged doctors.  The story focuses on a tender romance between two of the young doctors who have their first kiss towards the end of the book.  Almost every crisis is resolved as in fairy tale land, but there are deaths and lots of medical descriptions of bloody procedures.  I’m thrilled for Dr. Jen, who is inspiring people to fulfill their dreams and live without regrets.

I just read the book today, so you can tell it is a quick read for adults.  Most adults probably wouldn’t read it, honestly, but I needed a book for the letter K.  Ta-da!  I know I have won a prize!  It’s all about the prize, right??

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