* Day #170 – My Student Is Not An Honor Student

Another inspirational post AND Nichole shares some insights on preparing kids for the future. What do employers value? Can it be measured by an end-of-year test? Read on….

366 Days of Autism

I was born to teach. It’s the only thing I ever wanted to do.


Not because of the pay…or the summers ‘off’…or snow days.

I wanted to teach because I wanted to inspire, to change lives, to ignite a passion.

To my fellow teachers,

“Do you remember why you wanted to teach?”

I would bet the answer is somewhat like mine.

To inspire
To change lives
To ignite a passion
To make a difference
To continue learning
To change the future

If your answers match those then I would pose the next question, “Why don’t you like challenging students?”

Students with an IEP
Students who need to learn in a different way
Students with difficulty in understanding
Students who challenge
Students who need differentiated instruction
Students who don’t care

It would seem to me that the MOST growth (thus satisfaction) could come from these very special students.  The students who are…

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