* Day #253 – Our Games

Here’s a post which highlights the importance of early OT for kids with sensory problems, whether on the spectrum or not. Another well-written post by Tucker’s mom.

366 Days of Autism

Most parents have the opportunity to play many great games with their children in their toddler/early elementary years.

Spectrum parents are not different – except our games are.  Instead of playing hide and go seek or tag, we often play games directed by our OT (Occupational Therapist).  Here are a few examples of games we played in Tucker’s early years….

What’s in the bag?  One of the early ‘games’ that we played to help Tucker develop his sense of touch was “What’s in the bag.” We would put a variety of objects in a paper bag – starting with larger obvious items (a fork, a nerf ball, a banana) then ask Tucker to reach in and tell us what he could find.  As he would master those larger objects, we would replace with smaller, more complicated objects.  He really struggled with this game in the early years – with enough…

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