* Joining Ten Things of Thankful

Strictly based on research, I should already be making daily lists of thankfulness.  Grateful people live longer and happier.  My book of faith tells me to give thanks in all things.  Lizzi at Considerings: Life in Silver Linings is the blogger who created Ten Things of Thankful, which just celebrated its 100th week.  Perfect time for me to join!


So here’s my launch:

#1.  I’m thankful for a stomach bug which has grounded me and given me time to reconnect with the blogging world.  I’ve had worse bugs, which could be #2, but…

#2.  I’m thankful for my plans to re-retire in the fall.  I have filled up every available space in my life with teaching, which has left my dearest teacher widower even more confused about his longevity as a widower.  Will he ever retire from his teaching widower status?

#3.  I’m thankful that I bought my husband a huggable bathrobe.  He was already cuddly, but now he’s a teddy bear.  I love that bathrobe so much that I bought an identical man-robe for myself.

#4. I’m grateful for all the moms and dads of special needs kids who are sharing their stories online.  We need a community of support, which leads me to…

#5.  I’m grateful for the blogging community which provides voices and listening ears to millions of people around the world.  Lizzi is one of those natural people-gatherers whose story gives others hope and whose voice gives others room to be themselves.

#6.  I’m grateful for faithful readers who encourage me that I’m not writing into thin air.  And that my blogging widower still reads my posts.

#9.  I’m thankful for the bird community in our back yard which parades the beauty of their Creator.  Did you know they sing before doing anything else in their day?

#10.  I’m thankful for the kiddos I love and teach, along with their parents.  I know I was created to teach, which will make my re-retirement an interesting season.

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