* Day #250 – Cry, Cry, Cry

This post is for all parents and teachers who hold it together when it’s hard, but are brave enough to acknowledge that it hurts.

366 Days of Autism

Yep, we’re Cash fans in our house.  Odd (but awesome), Johnny Cash has long been one of Tucker’s favorites.  Estelle’s favorite movie?  Walk the Line.  No, probably not the most appropriate movie for a 10-year-old…but it’s real life.  A movie about losing yourself, finding love, and then finding peace in life.

It’s a peace that sometimes escapes me.

Tucker is with his dad this weekend.  I struggle on these weekends, but not for the reasons one would think.  Sure, I miss him – but we still talk and/or text every day.

These weekends, when he is gone, I let it out.

All of it.

I lose my peace.

I spend a lot of the weekend in tears.

Crying about just wanting ‘one thing to go right for him.’
Crying about where we’ve been.
Crying about the uncertainties.
Crying about the unfairness.
Crying about math tests.
Crying about lost opportunities.

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