* My dear widower catches a bug

Did you know that blogging is contagious?  The good news is that bloguenza isn’t as bad as the regular flu.  Frequent contact with infected bloggers leads to bloguenza, but what particular symptoms will be exhibited varies considerably.  My husband has been stricken and his symptoms coincide with my efforts on Blogging A-Z and AlphaBooks Blogging.  He is unable to resist an opportunity to add a comment with some alphabetical reference.  As we played cards last night, my dear widower cried out multiple times, “G is for gloating!”  I tried to think of a suitable response but “L is for loser!” wasn’t exactly kind.  Our son, M, and his wife, A, stared at us uncertainly.  They understood the gloating part, of course, because A. and I had won a few rounds of Hands and Feet.  Yes, I was gloating just a bit.  But they thought the reference to the letter G was bizarre.  (Now I know who reads my blogs and who does not, kind of like knowing who’s been naughty or nice.)

I tried to explain that my dearest widower has bloguenza, but he was already shouting, “That’s T for table talk!”  Apparently, one is not supposed to disclose their cards to a partner.  Come on, now!  I was just expressing a bit of displeasure when A. discarded the very card I was collecting for us.  I’m sure my widower was thinking, “H is for hypocritical!” and “U is for Unsportsmanlike!” before we had finished the game (which A. and I won!).  I said, “V for victory!” and let it go at that.

Ever the peacemaker, dear A. took a photo of us while we were laughing about the previously published photo of my husband with his tinfoil hat.  He admitted that it was a decently disguised picture but also said it made him look like a pink drunk.  So to correct any misunderstandings, here’s a better shot.  Mark and me

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