* A dreadful prophecy

knife-376383_640Today’s local paper featured a senseless murder (is there any other kind?) in which one man stabbed an acquaintance during a bar fight.  Friends reported that they knew it was going to happen eventually.  The victim had led a troubled life, moving from school to school, with arrests for drug abuse and larceny.  His murderer’s family has asked for a psychiatric evaluation because their son may have stopped taking his prescription medication.  When friends found out about the murder, they signed and framed a shirt in the victim’s memory.  The victim’s off-and-on girlfriend added, “It was a senseless, careless, inconsiderate, and thoughtless thing that one man did to another man.”

Her words have been echoing throughout my mind all day.  Obviously she must be distraught, but “careless and inconsiderate” strike me as odd descriptors for murder.  Careless?  The killer pulled a knife out of his backpack and stabbed his acquaintance in the heart.

In my role as a teacher of kids with behavior and emotional disorders, I could have taught any of these people.  In fact, when I see headlines like those today, I check to see if they were former students.  I wonder if anything more could have been done for these poor souls.  I grew up in a life of senseless violence and also thought each day was my last.  I’m grateful that I’m not featured in that article, but also saddened that their prophecy was fulfilled.

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