* AlphaBooks Blogging B/C/D: Building Classroom Discipline

building classroom disciplineI totally rock this AlphaBooks Blogging.  My pick for today works with THREE letters in order!  What a winner!   (Not that I am at all competitive!)   Building Classroom Discipline by C. M. Charles (11th edition, 2014) was first written over 30 years ago and has continued to provide support for pre-service teachers in managing classroom behavior.  The book’s most helpful features include:

  • an historical overview of behavior management strategies
  • a review of a wide range of current and effective methodologies
  • links to online information (however, Pearson’s MyEducationLab does not connect at all) and videos (IRIS provides courses which could be especially helpful for beginning teachers)

This book is designed to assist beginning teachers in developing behavior management strategies that match their personal style (assuming they know what that is) and student needs (assuming they know what those are).  If you are looking for a laugh (or a challenge), read the vignettes at the end of each chapter.  They will remind you of those “classic” teacher movies where every kid is acting up all the time.  Enter a novice teacher who gets the whole class to sing or dance perfectly.  Right.

The downside of this book is related to its format.  So many strategies are covered that the discussions are necessarily brief.  The suggestions also seem quite simplistic to me.  You will find more substance on The Teaching Channel but that starts with the wrong letters for today!

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