* 39 weeks plus eternity


Levi lived 39 weeks in his mother’s womb and then his heart stopped beating.  Yesterday, we grieved and celebrated his life as a family at church.  Thirty-nine weeks on earth and an eternity in heaven, a place where there are no more tears or broken hearts and death is vanquished.

Levi’s mother, an accomplished pianist, played the keyboard as we sang:


Levi’s father shared an amazing eulogy, describing how he and his wife lovingly bathed and prepared Levi’s body for burial.  We sang and cried and clung to one another and our faith in the One who lost his only baby boy.

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked that donations be given to Teachers2Teachers- International.

scholarshipThis worthwhile nonprofit sends experienced teachers to developing nations to partner with high-impact teachers. For example, in Honduras, El Maestro en Casa, teachers travel up to two hours to neighboring villages to deliver one day of instruction to students who cannot afford to attend a traditional school. In Guatemala, teachers at the William M. Botnan School employ both Spanish and the local Ixil language so that first-generation students can remain connected to their Mayan heritage. In South Africa, Mukhanyo Christian Academy provides an education to AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in the community.

We love Levi, a beautiful boy with his daddy’s eyes and lips and his mother’s curly hair and long piano fingers.  We rage at death, we cling to faith, and we hope for the future.

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