* Bloody Hearts again

Picture this: My dearest widower, orphan son (M), his beautiful wife (A), and I are playing cards!  Not just any card game.  We are playing hearts!  How did this happen?  I already explained my extreme aversion to games that I lose every time.  Not only do my husband and son count cards, but so does our daughter-in-law!   Oy!  The perfect young woman is in league with the guys.  I can sulk and watch them have fun.  Or, I can stop worrying about winning and losing.  Oh my, I have taught that social skills lesson to many kids.  I just never learned it myself.

What do I tell my students?  You can have friends or insist on winning every time.  It is much easier to tell someone else what to do.  Did I want to enjoy my beautiful family or selfishly insist upon winning word games?  Could I handle losing?  Not sure.  Could I endure those smug faces as I bombed out on every hand?  I’m wavering.  But my dearest widower led the way.  He got smacked in hearts and laughingly accused A of reading his mind.  He jumped up and created a tinfoil hat to protect his brainwaves!  (He was inspired by the movie “Signs.”)  That’s how he handled losing a game.  I started losing and laughing.  I insisted on having A as my partner.  Lesson learned.  Mark 3

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