* Join me in AlphaBooks Blogging!

From Alphabetics to (The) Zombie Survival Guide?  Or Anne of Green Gables to the Zero Belly Diet?  Join me in a new adventure: AlphaBooks Blogging!  We’ll share awesome books, professional or fictional, from A-Z.  Interested in publicizing your own books?  Enjoy authentic book reviews?  Want fresh ideas for your blog?

AlphaBooks Blogging begins this Mother’s Day, May 10 and continues through June.  I’ll be blogging about some of my favorite teaching books, along with a few other good reads of a non-special education focus.  What books do you want to share?


For this bogging series (based on the delightful Blogging A-Z challenge), please grab a badge (my first ever, which is pretty obvious) and start posting.  You don’t have to count “The,” “A,” or “An” as words, unless you prefer.  I know Nerd In the Brain expressed some fatigue related to A-Z, but I am POSITIVE that she’ll be energized by Alphabooks Blogging!

Stay tuned for 5 top reasons to join AlphaBooks Blogging!

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