* Day 23 of light it up BLUE

Just a reminder about what’s really important: kids are kids, adorable and precious.

Square Peg in a Round Hole

FACT: What AUTISM parents want YOU to know.

  1. Not all autism is the same.
  2. Just because you know one child with autism doesn’t mean you know everychild with autism.
  3. Please accept our kids the way that you assume we will accept yours.
  4. For onlookers who think I am not addressing my child’s odd behaviors or tantrums: I ask for a little empathy. Don’t judge. Try to understand that his environment affects him/her greatly.
  5. Kids with special needs are smart. Talented. Creative, and thoughtful. It may not be obvious all the time, but their minds work differently.
  6. Children with autism are not deaf. They can hear you. Eye contact can be extremely uncomfortable for them.

Baby Arianna melts my heart. She looks so comfy in her BLUE.

Baby Jake is such a lady killer in his BLUE.

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