* L is for lines

Blogging A-Z: L is for lines.  Given my teaching focus, you might suppose I am talking about kids lining up.  There IS a lot you can learn by simply observing a class in line.  You can tell if the teacher has exhibited a sense of calm authority and if she has passed that baton to her teaching assistant.  You can tell if kids are going home on the last day of school or walking to their room for an End-of-Grade test.

But the lines I am talking about are those distinguishing (or should I say distinguished?) marks of age on a teacher’s face.  OK, on my face.  This year was the first time a student ever checked out my face for “puppet lines.”  If you have to ask, you’re too young.  Here’s a diagram from my observant student: puppet lines

Whew!  She said I don’t have THOSE lines, at least.  I am used to kids staring at my aging skin.  After all, the majority of kids I currently serve have teachers in their 20’s.  I’ve had kids accidentally touch my arm and say, “Oh! It’s so soft!”  (Yeah, that’s called lack of muscle tone.)  But even when I was much younger, kids had an unerring scrutiny of all my physical flaws.  Years ago, I was trying to get a student to use more than one color when drawing himself.  This “purple” kid seemed clueless about the color of hair and eyes, so I foolishly asked, “Well, what color are my eyes?”  He stared closely and said, “Yellow and red.”  Obviously, I’ve had lines of various sorts for many years.

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