* Update on 2e student with adjective difficulties

Super Teacher WorksheetsWith thanks to Super Teacher Worksheets, my student who struggled to generate adjectives has made phenomenal progress!  He can now generate up to 25+ adjectives in about 2 minutes on people and animals, his two toughest topics.  The matching worksheets I generated were extremely effective, along with verbal timed practice.

We are moving on to the next goal: improving his ability to generate character traits, which is a significant weakness for him.  Like many twice exceptional students, he has unique strengths and weaknesses which often cause him to feel invalidated, anxious, and stupid at school.  Despite his strong reasoning skills, he simply can’t think of words that describe characters.  These traits are in his receptive vocabulary, but he struggles to “find” them when he is writing or even talking about characters.  Since he has a terrific memory, I am using the Super Teacher Worksheets flashcard generator to improve his fluency in using these words in sentences.  Here’s a sample page of flashcards; I could have chosen one of many colors as a border but this color matches the game board I created.character traits

I created a simple game board illustrated with one of his favorite interests.  Using a die which has only the numbers 1 and 2 (so that we’ll get LOTS of turns!), he and I will draw a flashcard and use one of the following models with the selected character trait:  “He was so ____ that he ____”   OR “He was always ___ so he ____.”  (I would use “she” with a girl.)

I am confident that he will start to recall character traits more easily with this type of interesting (and competitive) practice.  I’ll keep you posted!

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