* Learner.org

world-549425_640Want to improve your teaching skills on more topics than you can imagine?  Visit Annenberg Learner (at Learner.org), the home of an amazing collection of videos, online courses, interactives, lesson plans, and more.  This site is free (check out their user policy for details), with the goal of improving American education through videos and related web content and printables.  Exploring Learner.org is a bit overwhelming, but in a good way.  It’s comparable to opening a catalog of almost any educational topic I want to study and finding page after page after page of FREE resources!  Here are two examples:

What goes on in your “private universe?”  Check out this teacher lab to expose common science misconceptions about our world.  Start with a 5 question survey and learn why students and teachers have persistent misunderstandings- and why.

Want to teach your students how to create and use line plots within an authentic context?  The site has a cool set of interactives in a workshop on teaching math (elementary).  Using boxes of virtual raisins, count the number of raisins in 17 boxes (or get the program to do it for you!).  Then create a cool line plot (or again, the interactive will do your work).

Blog hopping? Check out the Learner Log.  Each posting has links to even more resources.

Please let me know what you explored!

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