* Understood

Do you want to know more about your child’s special needs, review parenting strategies, and partner with your child’s school?  Check out Understood, a website designed to assist parents with those issues and much more.  The site was conceived as an easily accessible resource for parents of kids with learning and attention issues.  Under the auspices of the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Understood is a remarkable site with more resources than I could possibly describe.  All resources and videos are well-organized and easily accessed.  I was very impressed with the breadth and quality of information on managing social and behavioral issues.  This is a quality site!girl-470568_640

My favorite section is called Through Your Child’s Eyes.  Select your child’s grade level to determine the best match of personalized resources. Then select from five learning issues: attention, reading, math, writing, and organization.  You’ll see a child of roughly your child’s age who describes their particular issue and the struggles which accompany it.  A simulation of that issue is next.  For writing difficulties, for example, you are expected to type sentences (and the timer is on!) but the wrong letters pop up or the words are misspelled or incorrectly capitalized. Then an expert in the field shares information about this area, along with strategies and encouragement.  Finally, the child featured in the video will complete their story with a fairly positive outcome.

I’ve already shared Through Your Child’s Eyes with a student and her reaction was extremely positive.  She could identify with the videotaped child, enjoyed the simulation (despite the similarity to her own struggles), and seemed encouraged that she was not alone.  I’m looking forward to sharing this with other students, too.

2 thoughts on “* Understood

  1. From the moment you heard the diagnosis, you knew life would be more challenging for your child than for most. So when you ask him to do something and it’s not done, you let it go. Does he really need you to point out his limitations? Or maybe you fear that what you’d like him to do, or not do, is impossible for him to achieve?

    But here’s the truth: If you feel that your son or daughter doesn’t deserve discipline, it’s like telling your child, “I don’t believe you can learn.” And if you don’t believe it, how will your child?

    What experts call “behavior management” is not about punishing or demoralizing your child. Instead, it’s a way to set boundaries and communicate expectations in a nurturing, loving way. Correcting kids’ actions, showing them what’s right and wrong, what’s acceptable and what’s not, is one of the most important ways that all parents can show their kids that they love and care

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