* Extra! Extra! Read all about it- with Newsela!

Do you wish your students could access interesting news but at their reading level?  Are you looking for authentic sources of nonfiction reading material?  Planning an inquiry-based project and need reading materials across a range of ability levels? Do you want to create an authentic and interesting context for math problems?  Check out Newsela!

What is Newsela? In their own words:

Newsela is an education technology startup dedicated to transforming the way learners access the world through words. The founding team members combine powerful technological know-how with real-world experience earned in the classroom, the newsroom, and the boardroom.

Launched in June 2013, Newsela publishes high-interest news articles daily at five levels of complexity for grades 3-12 using Newsela’s proprietary, rapid text-leveling process. Common Core–aligned quizzes attached to articles give educators and parents insight into their students’ reading strengths and weaknesses. Newsela develops nonfiction fluency and critical-thinking skills necessary to master the Common Core standards for informational text.Newsela 2

How can you access Newsela?  Easily and for FREE.  Sign up as a teacher, create your class, and add students.  You can assign specific articles and quizzes, monitor student progress, and print all reading materials.  Writing assignments are paired with articles and will be saved in your students’ online “binders.”  Newsela is an amazing site with news articles in these categories: War and Peace, Science, Kids, Money, Law, Health, Arts, and Sports.  There are FIVE lexile reading levels for each article, which provides access for a wide range of readers.

Want even more?  Sign up for Newsela Pro   I am taking advantage of a 60 day free trial which allows me to assign and track student progress on specific reading skills.  It also allows my students access to annotated texts, which will provide more interactions with text.  I am very excited about the potential to use this site for project-based learning.  Be sure to check it out!

12 thoughts on “* Extra! Extra! Read all about it- with Newsela!

  1. That sounds really interesting! I’ll definitely be checking it out. I’m super-happy to see that it goes through 12th grade reading level…it seems like there is so much to find for struggling readers, but I rarely find appropriate resources for Grace (who reads several levels above her grade). 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

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