* this IS your fight

Read more for an update on Dynamic Community Charter’s efforts to stay afloat. Please consider helping them financially. If a lot of us give just a little, they can meet their goals. Let’s do it for these kids and their families!

Dynamic Dragons Speak Out!

This fight IS your fight.

If you care when human beings in need are marginalized because of their challenges, this is your fight.

If you care that schools are overcrowded; that adolescents and teens suffer bullying and often become suicidal; that teachers have less and less say about how to teach their students, this is your fight.

If you want to see every child given every possibility to succeed, and you believe school should not cause children stress or anxiety, this is your fight.

If you have, love, or know an exceptional needs child at any age, this is your fight.

Things begin to change when we see beyond our own borders; when we think more deeply than our own perspective; when we become willing to advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves.


I sat in my daughter’s IEP meeting recently, surrounded by people who care about her, educators…

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