* Skype and literacy

Skype 3Skype is a powerful tool for connecting with others, as many families can attest.  Skype In The Classroom allows kids all over the world to connect with one another.  Currently, Skype’s primary classroom focus is literacy.  Want your students to talk to an author?  Sign up as a teacher, list your location, student ages, and available times, and you’ll get a long list of participating authors.  (My initial search garnered 50!)  From there, narrow down the list by selecting authors who meet your needs.  Skype 2

What about Skype literacy lessons? There are over a thousand available lessons, with over 300 on reading and writing topics.

Many classrooms are eager to share their own books with another class.  What a terrific way to connect with other cultures from around the world.  Want to integrate geography with literacy?  Set up a Mystery Skype, which allows you and another classroom to discover where you are each located.  Skype 1

Skype In The Classroom is a terrific tool for teachers to motivate writers, encourage readers, and integrate content areas into literacy.  And it’s FREE!

If you’ve used Skype int he Classroom, please share your experiences!

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