* A proposal for beginning well

I know I would enjoy meeting the parents of Dynamic Community Charter School! Here’s a Community Individualized Plan, suggested by a parent to avoid “crumbling” the school from within. It really makes sense when you have a passionate group of parents who have been “burned” in their public school experience. It can be hard to reestablish trust in the the system. Please check out their site and offer any support you can!

Dynamic Dragons Speak Out!

Okay, let’s admit it:  When it comes to our kids, we can be fierce.  Protective, sensitive, and commanding, even.  As a group, we’ve been knocked around a bit by “the system,” and we can smell the runaround from a mile away.  We’re not new to advocating, and we’re seasoned fighters.  One of us says, “But now, mess with my kids, and,” and another of us nods in agreement.  It’s these realities about us and our parenting that make us strong, committed, invested, resourceful, and willing to hang in despite formidable odds.  As a community, we can, will, and have harnessed this Dragonish Force to build an excellent school for our children.

But the same facts that offer us considerable collective strength could, if not carefully guarded, also cause us to crumble from within.

Every time my children start at a new school, I have to start all over establishing a…

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