* Will you become a teacher?

OK, I admit it.  I have voiced my doubts about whether college graduates should join the teaching profession in its current state.  I’ve had numerous conversations with other educators about whether we would choose this profession were we to start over today.  We have been in agreement, usually on a Friday afternoon: No way!  But as I look back over a long and successful career, as I think about the impact I’ve had on so many lives, as I think about how this profession has changed MY life, I must reconsider.  After all, I retired from full-time teaching 3 years ago and find myself teaching as busily as ever.  Why?  Because I love teaching.  I hope that there are thousands of other prospective teachers out there who will love this profession, too, especially those who want to share in this incredible journey with special needs kids and their families.

Teach.org is an organization whose goal is to recruit one million prospective teachers in the next 10 years!  Talk about ambitious!  TEACH shares motivational videos, has an online “pathway” for those interested, and a host of financial resources to support those who want a career in teaching.  Their vision of “teacher leaders” encompasses a partnership of beginning and experienced teachers who will bring about much-needed change in our field.

What do you think about their website photo?  The young woman below looks rather incredulous, or perhaps dazed.  Could she be asking, “Is it really possible to change the bureaucracy of education?”  “Would I find tremendous fulfillment as a special education teacher?”


More on these issues in my next post.

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