* He was nine when he wrote it – This is how autism sometimes speaks.

What a beautiful post this is! It’s a great way to squash that ridiculous notion that autistic kids are incapable of feeling. Read on for more….

The Qwiet Muse

Compassion comes in many forms, I think on this day, my son’s capacity for compassion and empathy and understanding of a world we so often take for granted shone bright in its innocence and purity . . .

imageThere are those who say autistic people do not have the capability to feel empathy or compassion or relate to the emotional world around them. I know this to be untrue, they may express these feelings differently than others, but they are more than capable of feeling them.

When my children were young we spent many afternoons in the park. Sometimes, when I drive past it, I can almost see them playing there, I hear their innocent laughter between the beats of my heart. One of these outings stands out in my memory, it was a beautiful and brisk autumn day, the perfect kind of day for something special.

Two of my…

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2 thoughts on “* He was nine when he wrote it – This is how autism sometimes speaks.

  1. Thank you for sharing this . . . My son is honored you found such worth in his words. He is almost 25 years old now, but his heart is just as beautiful as it was on this day when he sat giving comfort to an old, dying tree.

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