* Choose It! Maker 3

I believe that Choose It! Maker 3 is one of the premier products created by Inclusive Technology Ltd., a special needs software company based in the UK.  The American sister site, Help Kidz Learn, is a great starting point for exploring their wide range of products.  This post will focus on Choose It! Maker 3 (or CM3, as I prefer to call it).CM3 1

CM3 allows teachers and parents to create a multitude of activities on any topic.  I have created games, quizzes, math word problems, matching activities, and more.  It’s an extremely well-designed product that allows special needs students access to activities using switches, touch, keyboards, or eye gaze.  I use CM3 on an iPad with 2 switches.

How it works: CM3 is organized like an online file cabinet.  Create folders on any topic and then add activities in the appropriate folders.  Here’s a look at the folders I am using:CM3 2

The appearance of each folder can be customized by color and image.  Inside these folders are the teacher-created activities.  Activities are made page by page, with options for changing the background color, text color and size, the number of boxes per page, and the order of pages.  An additional feature allows you to record your voice, use sound files from your computer, or add other recrodings to any box.  Here’s a sample set of word problems (the darker background and white text was chosen for a student with a visual impairment). CM3 3When you want to add an image, you may select from your own images, from the program’s massive media library, from the internet, or from a webcam.  I typically insert my own photographs and images:

CM3 4

Another terrific feature of this program is the ability to duplicate and edit both pages and activities.  This makes it possible for teachers to copy effective formats without starting from scratch on each activity.  The kinds of activities you can create are limited only by your imagination!

Just one warning: Once you start browsing Inclusive Technology’s games for kids, you’ll be tempted to buy many of their other fantastic products!

5 thoughts on “* Choose It! Maker 3

  1. I have recently begun using ChooseIt Maker 3 and love it! I noticed that you have several folders of activities. Is there a place to access a bank of existing activities or access share codes?

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