* Math-Aids worksheets

Math-Aids: Dynamically Created Math Worksheets is a FREE website for generating worksheets covering 43 math topics, with recently added sections featuring worksheets for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry.  I’ve enjoyed this site for years due to its wide range of generators and the ease with which worksheets can be created. I stumbled across Math-Aids.com when searching for mixed operation materials; many textbook publishers produce all addition or subtraction worksheets, but I wanted kids to practice strategies for improving recognition of changing operations.

Math-Aids has a number of user-friendly features:

  • It’s free!
  • There are multiple variations of worksheets under each math topic.  Under “Kindergarten,” for example, there are 23 unique types of worksheets.
  • The worksheets are simple to create, with clear directions.
  • Once you create the parameters of your sheet, simply click on the “go back” button to create endless versions with those parameters.
  • Worksheets can be printed in NINE languages.  This site has been visited by folks from over 190 countries.
  • The default setting creates an answer sheet, but that feature can be easily cleared.
  • All worksheets are available as pdf files for printing and saving.
  • An image of every type of worksheet is available.  Simply click and you are there!Mathaids 2

Three of my favorite sections are “Graph Paper,” “Number Lines,” and “Hundreds Chart.” There are 16 different options under Graph Paper, including notebook paper and a dot matrix sheet.  Number Lines includes 7 types of worksheets, such as adding and subtracting by using number lines or placing decimals and mixed numbers on number lines.  Hundreds Chart has some really fun activities ranging from puzzle pieces of hundreds charts to picture and letter puzzles.  There are also basic and rounding hundreds charts in gray-scale and color.

Although the site is definitely devoted to math, a section on word games has now been added.  Since the site is always expanding, I wonder if the site will eventually have a new name.

The only downside to Math-Aids is the number of ads on each page, but I understand that the developers would want to earn something for creating a website like this.  (I sure would!)  The problem is easily solved by paying less than 5 1/2 cents a day.  A good deal, I would say.   You do the math!

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