* Common Core Sheets

Don’t let the name scare you!  Whatever your stand on Common Core,  Common Core Sheets is a great resource for FREE math worksheets, along with language arts, spelling, science, and social studies.    The site has been created by a former math, science, and social studies teacher named Robert.  He has done an impressive job of creating thousands of worksheets.  Math seems to be his specialty, with over 50 categories of math problems.  That doesn’t even include the create-a-review, create-a-test, and cheat sheets.  The grade levels include 1st through 6th (but higher in some categories).  Very impressive!

Let’s take a look at just one math topic: multi-step word problems.  Notice the thumbnail image on the left side of each topic.  If you hover your mouse on that image, you can preview the worksheet.Commoncoresheets 1

To the right of each topic above, there’s an option to “Select a Worksheet.”  There are typically 10 downloadable pdf worksheets available (with answer sheets), plus an option to “Grab ’em All” in a single downloadable pdf, AND the option to create your own worksheet.

Common Core Sheets has some very cool features:

  1. The entire site, including all the worksheets, can be translated into SEVEN languages, including Spanish (great for dual language programs).
  2. Modified worksheets are available for lower functioning students and those who are beginning a topic.
  3. The site has create-a-sheet options for all subjects. An interactive tutorial is provided.  Teacher-generated worksheets may include a variety of answer choices, including: short answer, multiple choice, fill in the blank, long answer, and true/false.  These sheets may also be saved and shared with other teachers.
  4. The worksheets can be personalized to include use of school colors and common core standards, if desired. Teachers may also add the first names of their own students to be substituted in the problems with kids’ names.  How cool is that?
  5.  Teachers may save their sheets for others to share.  The FAQ page has a list of teacher questions and site answers if the teacher has allowed comments to be public.

Robert has a lot of cool additions coming to the site, but even as it is, the worksheets are excellent.  As I noted above, the entire site is FREE but you may donate through PayPal if so inclined.  I am not sure how he supports himself; there are a few ads on the site but nothing invasive.  It’s worth contributing to this fine effort!

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