* Another update on 2e kid with writing difficulties

Super Teacher WorksheetsIn previous posts, I described the writing struggles of Tony, a twice exceptional student with a remarkable memory and tremendous anxiety about writing.  In November, I started systematic instruction on adjectives, making use of the worksheet generators on Super Teacher Worksheets.  I have created matching worksheets beginning with general adjectives which would match a variety of people (such as young, nervous, silly) and progressing to more specific adjectives.  Here’s a sample:adjective 3

In my last update at the beginning of December, Tony was able to generate between 3 and 14 adjectives about objects in three minutes.  (He especially enjoys timed challenges.)  His ability to describe people was a particular weakness, so our last few sessions have focused descriptions of characters.

During our last session, Tony’s responses demonstrated the effectiveness of our work.  He generated as many as 28 adjectives to describe people, with an average of 24.  He also did that in TWO minutes time, not three.  You rock, Tony!

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