* PT for kids with autism

This is a fascinating article on a physical therapist who works with autistic kids. This PT sounds remarkable. She also recommends a book on tantrums and melt-downs, which I will check out.

Square Peg in a Round Hole

I am honored and proud to introduce you to my fabulous friend J (Jean) as this weeks guess contributor. Jean is a pediatric physical therapist, who works with a growing population of children with ASD, and other disabilities. Jean is a mom to two beautiful children, including Willy’s best girl E. Jean will always hold a special place in my heart for a million and one reasons, but the number one reason she connects so well with my son, is because she gets it. She always has, and you can see it every time she and my son interact.

Jean holds her expectations high for her clients, because she knows that they can do it. And besides instilling self-confidence and self-reliance, Jean also believes that physical therapy should be fun! Calming even. She knows the right questions to ask her clients parents during the evaluation process, and heavily rewards them…

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