* One last hug

writin nerdy

Prompted by a favorite blogger, NerdintheBrain, I am using a time machine to change 5 minutes in my teaching past.

Here we go.  Back to Bosede.  He was placed “on an emergency basis” into my self-contained class for kids identified as having behavior/emotional disorders.  Before being assigned to my room, Bosede was a 4-year-old kindergartner with a proclivity for running.  Running out of his classroom, running around the bus circle, running into traffic, running around the cafeteria, and running rings around the adults who tried to corral him.  Bosede ran into my room and into my heart.  After one halfhearted attempt to run away, he settled into the routine of our class with joy.  I kept wondering why he was in my class.  He was like a ray of sunlight, his quick flash of a smile warming all of us.  The other kids “adopted” him as their much younger brother.  Everyone was protective of tiny Bosede, with his remarkable speed in PE and recess.

Not long after he arrived, there was a knock on my classroom door.  The principal walked in, escorting some folks from the Department of Child Protective Services.  They told me they were taking Bosede.  Inside, I heard this quiet voice urge me to give him a hug.  “That’s silly,” I thought.  “I’ll hug him later.  It would look stupid to hug him.”  And so Bosede walked out that door, never to return, without a hug from me.  But with my time machine turned on, I would hug him and say, “I love you, Bosede.  You are a wonderfully made, speedy, and special kid.”

Then I would return to the present, knowing I had done what I needed to do.

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