* Week 1 #teacher5aday

Feeling burned out? Teacher (and parent) burnout are serious issues that can affect the the most dedicated and talented folks. This administrator from the UK is launching “teachers 5 a day’ to encourage her staff. Her ideas have merit no matter what your profession.

20 years a teacher

The start of #teacher5aday – different sides of the same coin

The launch of #teacher5aday has contributed very positively to my well-being this week. Lots of support and positive feedback for the initial idea shared here http://wp.me/p4VbxY-6E.

A number of well-being #superheroes have shared their ideas about how they will start looking after themselves more and therefore look after their students as well.








This week I hope that teachers will continue to discuss their well-being and pledge what they intend to do in January either as a tweet or via a blog. Using the ideas shared in the links above or the John Muir framework below I’m hoping that a collective approach to this issue will continue to have a positive impact.


In January I hope that teachers will share their well-being pledges under the #teacher5aday hashtag and contribute to a…

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