* Update #2 on student using multiplication.com

16Wow.  I am amazed.  I admit it: I was a bit skeptical about the process of learning “stories” for each multiplication fact, but Khalil is making tremendous progress!  First of all, he could not multiply ANY numbers when we started, not even by ones or zeroes.  Yesterday he completed a 40 problem online quiz for the zeroes, ones, and twos times tables in just over a minute with 100% accuracy!  And he only sees me twice a week!  (And we have to complete his homework, too!)  This is a kid who has never had any math fluency.  In three years of trying to learn addition and subtraction facts, he averaged about 12 problems per minute.

Here’s the coolest part to me.  Of course, Khalil has been asking for a copy of all his quizzes because he is thrilled to experience success.  So yesterday he showed his mother the super results and I finally told her how he is learning these facts.  I knew that if I had some initial doubts, she would most likely think this process is crazy.   Her first reaction was, “How come you just don’t say, two times nine is eighteen?”  And Khalil answered, “THIS IS THE WAY I LEARN!   IT HELPS ME!”  Go Khalil!  And a big thanks to multiplication.com.  The best is yet to come for Khalil!

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