* Check Out Vera Komnig

Painting #364

Painting #364 Available from Saatchiart.com

Vera Komnig: story-teller through art.  Vera is a German artist who specializes in brilliant acrylic abstract paintings.  Her blog is a stunning work of art itself, on a palate she designed, filled with gloriously rich photographs of her work.  If you long to visit an art gallery but don’t have access to one, just visit her personal gallery.  One section of her well-organized blog features a picture of the month.  She has just published a gorgeous calendar for 2015, too.  And as she says “if you have everything except wall space,” check out her exquisite bonsai paintings.  They are tiny in size but not in quality.  All Vera’s art flows with color and life; although most are abstract, others have obvious subjects, including a sweet-looking dog.  The painting above is one of my favorites; doesn’t it seem alive with motion?  Not only is Vera a talented artist, she is also a sweet blogger.  She typifies the kindness of so many bloggers I’ve met on this online adventure.  Vera responds to comments and posts with humor and encouragement, and despite our very different worlds, I feel as though I have met her face to face.

In case you are wondering, her site has English translations.  She is also great at writing in English.

I hope you will enjoy her work!  Please let me know what you think!

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