* What’s the Point?

Here’s an interesting perspective on autism and the process of labeling. If you have self-identified as autistic as an adult, would you like to share your thoughts?

Monaresa smiles

einsteinToday I stumbled across on interview that NBC’s Brian Williams recently did with Jerry Seinfeld, where Seinfeld reveals that “on a very drawn out scale,” he thinks he is on the autism spectrum.

Because I have personal experience being a mother to children on the spectrum, I always find articles like this interesting.  Last year while I was working on a paper for school, I encountered a topic I had never thought of; that is, adults who are diagnosed with autism as an adult. My question is What’s The Point?

I’m really not trying to sound insensitive towards people like Jerry Seinfeld, or anything like that.  I really am just curious why as an adult; in particular, successful adults like Jerry Seinfeld really need to diagnois themselves with autism.

Like I’ve mentioned before, when my sons were much younger the possibility of autism would come up and I would…

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