* What Makes For A Good Parent?

This is such a powerful perspective for parenting, especially with special needs kids. I might summarize her 5 suggestions on a sticky note (I think of #2 as “Be yourself.”)


One of the best lessons I have ever learned as a parent is not to make anything too big a deal. The old me used to get so wrapped up in moments. Not in a good way either. I would make a situation or event bigger than it was and attach myself to it like a magnet. I would become obsessed. My thoughts, the condition of how I felt would all be based on the little insignificant moments I made ridiculously big. I have grown so much. Now I hold my pointer and thumb finger close together and remind myself and my kids that missing an event at a swim meet or failing a quiz is this big in the scheme of our lives. If we focus on every minute detail we would drive ourselves completely crazy and our emotions and self worth would be based on the tiny hiccups…

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